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Sunday, November 2, 2014
I feel the need to write tonight and so, I shall. 

I just wanted to take a quick moment to express my feelings/thoughts and then I will share a bit about my pediatric rotation. 

Today, we had a huge family and friend prayer and fast in our behalf. As many of you know, graduation is coming rather quickly, which brings forth a few items to attend to: exams (including a national board), job search and moving back west. If not controlled properly, stress can rear its ugly head, which in some cases it has. It's stressful not knowing.  You know, just being in the air. 

I have applied to multiple jobs, but I keep getting the same reply: "You aren't licensed in the state yet, but we'll hang on to your resume." Here comes the catch-22, I can't get a license in certain states unless I have a job lined up. Ugh, it can be a bit frustrating. On the positive note, HR has mentioned that I have great experience and look great on paper.

Even though it would be extremely nice knowing where we will end up upon graduation, I keep getting the feeling that we may not get a job until we officially move and take the national board. I know Heavenly Father has opened doors for us to attend PA school and I know that He will continue to lead us. We must continue to press forward and do everything on our part. I plan to do so by asking Heavenly Father what more I can sacrifice or change in my own life. Furthermore, I know if I keep the commandments He will provide a "promised" land as He did for Lehi and his family. 

Switching gears: unto pediatrics. 

 Clara and Grace. My two youngest sporting their dress-up gear!

Pediatrics, the rotation you either love or hate. For the most part (I'll explain in a bit), I loved it! It most likely helped that I had great preceptors. 

During this four week stent, I would start my morning off by rounding on neonates at the hospital. The first week we had what is called a "crack baby." The mom being 27 years old gave birth to her 8th child, which she gave up for adoption. During the pregnancy, she continually partook of heroine, narcotics and alcohol. She was positive for Group B strep and during the first stage of labor she proceeded to consume drugs. Baby was delivered without complications, but by the second day she began to shake and exhibit tremors as if she was going withdrawals. It was definitely a sad case. 

One of the biggest symptoms/signs children exhibit is rashes. Trying to differentiate between them was a bit challenging. Provided below is an example of Tinea Corporis. Also known as ring worm. This is different than the parasitic type. In fact, this is fungal.

I also saw a lot of hand, foot & mouth disease. This is a coxsackie virus based disorder that causes a rash to develop not only on the palmar surfaces of the hands and plantar surfaces of the feet, but in the mouth as well. In fact, they will have pharyngitis and may have herpangina. Herpangina is a vesicular sore that develops on the back of the throat. This causes severe irritation and children tend to refuse to eat.

As a student you build skills that allow you to perform physical exams on screaming, crying and kicking children. Not all of them are this way, but you will get the occasional fighter. 

I do have to say the one H & P I got tired of doing was the school/sports physicals. So, we averaged 50 patients a day. Well, during my last week we performed school physicals on approximately 80% of our daily patients. It became rather monotonous. 


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